Making Max/Ableton talk Firmata/Arduino

These Video tutorials should help you get up and running with Maxuino.

Getting Started with Maxuino Part 1: Installing Firmata.

Getting Started with Maxuino Part 2: Installing Maxuino.

Getting Started with Maxuino Part 3: Using Maxuino.

Getting Started with Maxuino Part 4: Using the Maxuino GUI.

Maxuino for Stepper Motors.

Maxuino user/master Willy Nolan has posted a couple of videos that maxuino users might be interested in. First up is a tutorial for getting Maxuino running with Max4Live:

Maxuino Max for Live Device Tutorial from computersarecool on Vimeo.

And he has also been experimenting with powering up his Nintendo Power Glove with Max and arduino via Maxuino in this 1980’s info-commercial:


Power Glove: Computers are Cool Hardware Remix from computersarecool on Vimeo.

Here we are collecting videos of Maxuino in action.  Please use the comments below to share your great work and we will embed it.

Here is a performance using Maxuino to remotely play instruments.

MUSIC FOR ONLINE PERFORMER (EEG data, Cello, Drum, Bell array, Cymbal). Performed over the internet as an installation at the University of Huddersfield, UK by Richard Warp in San Francisco, Tim Mullen in San Diego and Adam Jansch in Huddersfield.

Watch live streaming video from warpenator at

And here is someone’s first maxuino project from FLICKR