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Japan Connections?

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This is a short note reaching out to our many Maxuino Users.  I (Chris Coleman) will be traveling next year to many places and I am looking for institutions (galleries, museums, universities) to host artist talks and possibly also Maxuino workshops in:

UK (October 2012)
Rosario Argentina (november 2012)
Beijing China (april 2013)
Japan (may 2013)

I am already paying for flights to the above locations and so the costs would be minimal to the institutions.
also any opportunities in the US between july 2012 and july 2013…(but flights would be a factor)

Let me know!  I look forward to sharing work with you.


Great work using Maxuino

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“We used the latest Maxuino v.009. Connecting 6 arduino’s, controlling 7 motors, 5 ultrosonar sensors and hacking 5 vga monitores. Worked like a sharm. Thanks for making it so easy!!

SoundSculpture. from Akollectiv. on Vimeo.

‘Spiel der Maschinen 2.0’ is an interactive sound sculpture.
The motion of the spectators is tracked by ultrasonic sensors , calculating the distance between someone standing in front of, and one of the mannequins.
The system is controlled by a sequencer that we built in Max/MSP. Depending on the distance of the person, different midi commands are sent to the sequencer and Ableton live, controlling the Arduinos and manipulating the sound. Subsequently the vga input of the monitors is hacked and reacts on the sound.

This project was also presented on the Time Canvas festival at M HKA, sept 2011 .
© 2011

Controlling Arduino in Max/Msp with Maxuino v.009/

The XL-MaxSonar-EZ0 Sensor from Maxbotic/

Intro music Nicolas Jaar/

Follow us on twitter, so we can follow you/

Maxuino at Cycling ’74 Expo

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We were excited to show off Maxuino at the Cycling ’74 Expo Science Fair. Met some great users, made new friends and heard some great feedback. Also it got us to get together some better documentation, publish the protocol page, and do a new version with several little details fixed. We are excited about implementing some additional modularity to make it easier to add to your patches as well as make some basic electronics knowledge available to those of you just getting started.

Fresh new project with fresh new release

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Here is a Project just completed in London with the new Stepper Motor capable Maxuino, utilizing 6 steppers at the same time!
Congrats to Manabu Shimada!

Stepper test

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Here is a preliminary version of the stepper capable maxuino. You will need to use the customized stepperFirmata on your arduino, and add the modified MaxStepper library to your arduino library. In you will see sample commands for running the stepper such as setting the speed and the number of steps you want to move (positive is one direction and negative is the other.) We are hoping to understand if this is useful and what features of the stepper process are important. For instance at the moment if you interrupt a running step series, it overrides the current location, making the stepper lose place.
We have a tightened version of the interface nearly complete, we are just working out these final issues, thank you for your patience.

File updated! (This is the last alpha version – the Max object is being written now)

Quick note about Uno…

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UPDATE: Arduino v.0022 has fixed this so just download the latest and greatest.

As we are making the maxuino updates we found that the Uno issue is with the Arduino IDE, not Maxuino as there is a defect in the way 57600 baud works. We are adding a baud selector, but in the meantime you can change the baudrate in firmata and in maxuino to any other number (they still have to match of course) and the uno should work.

Updates on the way…

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With the release of new arduinos and new firmata capabilities, we are getting ready to release a new version of Maxuino. We will also be looking for testers for an actual Maxuino compiled object as opposed to the current javascript implementation which should give some great speed boosts.

Our present list of features to be integrated into the release includes:
-compatibility with latest Arduino hardware
-stepper motor control
-added built-in hint-documentation to Max help files
-additional examples in Max helpfiles
-dynamic MIDI mapping for Maxuino Max For Live device
-dynamic pin/channel selection in Maxuino Max GUI
-integration of pin-mode query capabilities in new Firmata
-documentation of Maxuino OSC name-space and better compatibility with Arduino programing syntax

If there are particular features you want to see, please let us know as comments to this post.

Chris & Ali

We need you – for FILE

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We have the honor of presenting Maxuino at the FILE symposium in Sao Paulo Brazil at the end of July 2010 and are looking for additional examples of how people are using Maxiuino in their projects, so please share here in the comment section or email us with links, text, images, or videos of how you have utilized maxuino and we will put your name and project up on the screen in Brazil and here on the website as well. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Update: The discussion and presentation went well and I was able to share several of the great examples you guys sent in. Thank you so much!

Undulating Flux – sound, dance, and vibration.

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David Resnick in collaboration with “Vibrationist” Nadia Ahmedout at UC Irvine has created a project using Maxuino to combine the audible, visual and tangible. Here is the video but check out the rest of the information at his site:

Controllering a Simmons SDS8 analog drum machine

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Thanks to Panderton and Luke for the video: