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Great work using Maxuino

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“We used the latest Maxuino v.009. Connecting 6 arduino’s, controlling 7 motors, 5 ultrosonar sensors and hacking 5 vga monitores. Worked like a sharm. Thanks for making it so easy!!

SoundSculpture. from Akollectiv. on Vimeo.

‘Spiel der Maschinen 2.0’ is an interactive sound sculpture.
The motion of the spectators is tracked by ultrasonic sensors , calculating the distance between someone standing in front of, and one of the mannequins.
The system is controlled by a sequencer that we built in Max/MSP. Depending on the distance of the person, different midi commands are sent to the sequencer and Ableton live, controlling the Arduinos and manipulating the sound. Subsequently the vga input of the monitors is hacked and reacts on the sound.

This project was also presented on the Time Canvas festival at M HKA, sept 2011 .
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Controlling Arduino in Max/Msp with Maxuino v.009/

The XL-MaxSonar-EZ0 Sensor from Maxbotic/

Intro music Nicolas Jaar/

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