Making Max/Ableton talk Firmata/Arduino

Updates on the way…

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With the release of new arduinos and new firmata capabilities, we are getting ready to release a new version of Maxuino. We will also be looking for testers for an actual Maxuino compiled object as opposed to the current javascript implementation which should give some great speed boosts.

Our present list of features to be integrated into the release includes:
-compatibility with latest Arduino hardware
-stepper motor control
-added built-in hint-documentation to Max help files
-additional examples in Max helpfiles
-dynamic MIDI mapping for Maxuino Max For Live device
-dynamic pin/channel selection in Maxuino Max GUI
-integration of pin-mode query capabilities in new Firmata
-documentation of Maxuino OSC name-space and better compatibility with Arduino programing syntax

If there are particular features you want to see, please let us know as comments to this post.

Chris & Ali