Making Max/Ableton talk Firmata/Arduino

We need you – for FILE

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We have the honor of presenting Maxuino at the FILE symposium in Sao Paulo Brazil at the end of July 2010 and are looking for additional examples of how people are using Maxiuino in their projects, so please share here in the comment section or email us with links, text, images, or videos of how you have utilized maxuino and we will put your name and project up on the screen in Brazil and here on the website as well. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Update: The discussion and presentation went well and I was able to share several of the great examples you guys sent in. Thank you so much!

Undulating Flux – sound, dance, and vibration.

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David Resnick in collaboration with “Vibrationist” Nadia Ahmedout at UC Irvine has created a project using Maxuino to combine the audible, visual and tangible. Here is the video but check out the rest of the information at his site: