Making Max/Ableton talk Firmata/Arduino

Getting Started with Maxuino Video Tutorials!

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At long last we are following up on the heels of the M4L videos and now adding a video series designed to get you going with Maxuino. The 4 part series takes you thru loading Firmata to using the Maxuino GUI. We hope people will find these helpful! More to come, specifically tutorials on stepper motors, i2c, the great new save functionality, and more. Let us know if there is a particular topic you want to see us explain via video.
See the series here on Vimeo or on the Maxuino Videos Page.

Beta testing new code and interface

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FYI, we have posted an entirely overhauled code and interface in version 16. Use the maxuin.maxhelp as a starting point to understand the changes and how to best integrate the parts of maxuino you need for your project. You will see that we have made the interface more optional. The other big change includes:

  • support for stepper motors with accel/deaccel (must use configurableFirmata)
  • support for i2c
  • the ability to dump out a save settings list that can be fed into maxuino on restart to setup your pins.

All features except the stepper motors work with the standardFirmata that ships with the arduino IDE. All features should work with all arduino compatible booards and have been tested with Unos, Megas, and Teensys.

More to come.

Major Updates coming May 2013

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Very excited to announce we are doing a major update/overhaul to Maxuino later this month at CMU’s Studio for Creative Inquiry!! Any bugs or feature requests should be added here or emailed to us asap. We are devoting a full week to adding great new features and creating a much better set of learning tools. Watch here for updates.

Stepper test

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Here is a preliminary version of the stepper capable maxuino. You will need to use the customized stepperFirmata on your arduino, and add the modified MaxStepper library to your arduino library. In you will see sample commands for running the stepper such as setting the speed and the number of steps you want to move (positive is one direction and negative is the other.) We are hoping to understand if this is useful and what features of the stepper process are important. For instance at the moment if you interrupt a running step series, it overrides the current location, making the stepper lose place.
We have a tightened version of the interface nearly complete, we are just working out these final issues, thank you for your patience.

File updated! (This is the last alpha version – the Max object is being written now)

Maxuino v.009

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Download maxuino-009.

The package uses Max’s built-in serial object to implement OpenSoundConrol ( style communication to/from the arduino-compatable hardware.

This update includes Maxuino for Ableton Live:  a device that lets you communicate with your Arduino-compatible hardware from within Ableton Live.

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Maxuino v.008

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The package uses Max’s built-in serial object to implement OpenSoundConrol ( style communication to/from the arduino-compatable hardware.

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Maxuino v.007

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Here is the latest update for maxuino. I have done some bug fixes, cleaned the interface and tried to make it more intuitive. More exciting for some of you, I have added support for servos on all digital pins in accordance with the latest Firmata version (2.1beta7) and the great work done by Shigeru Kobayashi and Hans-Christoph Steiner. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or requests.

Just a reminder, this is a patch for Max by cycling ’74: