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Beta testing new code and interface

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FYI, we have posted an entirely overhauled code and interface in version 16. Use the maxuin.maxhelp as a starting point to understand the changes and how to best integrate the parts of maxuino you need for your project. You will see that we have made the interface more optional. The other big change includes:

  • support for stepper motors with accel/deaccel (must use configurableFirmata)
  • support for i2c
  • the ability to dump out a save settings list that can be fed into maxuino on restart to setup your pins.

All features except the stepper motors work with the standardFirmata that ships with the arduino IDE. All features should work with all arduino compatible booards and have been tested with Unos, Megas, and Teensys.

More to come.

One Comment on “Beta testing new code and interface”

  1. 1 leonardo said at 6:42 pm on January 27th, 2014:

    so with this, for example, i can control an i2c expander (tons of led ) ?

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