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Maxuino updates…?

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After several similar questions I thought I would do a quick post about the status of maxuino:

– The most recent version of Maxuino is here:

– This version of maxuino has stepper capability, but only if you also use our stepperFirmata variant.  If you use the Firmata that is shipped with the Arduino IDE it will work just fine for everything except it will not run stepper motors.

– This version of Maxuino does work with Max 6 and the most recent Arduino IDE and the newest generation of Arduinos including UNOs, Mega 2650, and Teensy boards.

– please double check the getting started page before emailing.  The most common issue is the file paths in Max have to be set to search recursively into the folders of Maxuino

– there is one particular error message where it looks for a Maxuino external object, but we did not widely distribute that and so it will not affect the performance of Maxuino and you can ignore the error.

– we are doing further development of Maxuino, hopefully cleaning it up and refining it for a final non-alpha release in the Fall.

– we do not mind helping you out if you have problems, but be patient since we do this for free 😉


2 Comments on “Maxuino updates…?”

  1. 1 Alexander Chernyshkov said at 11:01 am on July 21st, 2012:

    Dear everybody!

    Thank you for your work and dedication.

    I’m having big problems to make work the stepper firmata with the maxuino_stepper_alpha_013

    and i can’t figure out the problem:

    my goal is to make the stepper motors function through max msp.
    i bought the easy Driver, which seems good and communicates also with my Maxuino 009, where there is no STEP and DIR signals, but only PWM, so I cant really control the speed of the motor, but only give single impulses, which gets really not smooth at higher speeds and can’t sustain them.

    I downloaded the Stepper Firmata from
    and put her in the libraries folder of arduino
    I downloaded the Stepper driver from
    and put it also in the libraries folder of arduino (is this a mistake?)
    I dowloaded the Accel library and also put it in libraries (was it necessary?)
    I dowloaded the maxuino_stepper_beta-013 and saved it in the Max5 folder ‘Patches’

    but when i try to upload the Stepper Firmata to arduino, it says:
    redefinition of ‘int analogInputsToReport’
    And I don’t know what to do about it (cause i am not good code programing)

    If I upload the Standard Firmata and then open the Maxuino_stepper_beta-013, it doesn’t speak with arduino (doesn’t blink on the pin 13)

    I ve tried all possible combinations and read all the instructions i could find until now, but everything seems not working.

    it could be a problem with folders? Or versions compatibility?

    Please, if you could help me somehow, a hint or something, I would appreciate it so much, cause i’m just becoming desperate.

    if I wasn’t clear enough explaining my problem, please ask me anything, i will answer at once.

    Thank you so much


  2. 2 Göran Sandström said at 12:35 pm on July 21st, 2012:

    Hi, I have a student at a workshop in arduino and max that can’t seem to get the latest maxuino work with Max 6 and Uno. We’re getting absolutely no response. No digital outs, nothing. We’re using the latest versions of everything. Have you heard of anyone else who has had problems with this particular combination?

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